Tourists have a lot of things to do in Dubai as Dubai has many different attractions for those who come here for leisure and travel perks. Here are four amazing places to visit in the UAE for Free during your short stay in Dubai.

Sharjah Desert Park

Sharjah Desert Park is a collective experience of a botanical garden, a museum, farm for children and a wildlife center. You can have extreme fun with both animals and plants and you cannot neglect the beauty of the ever famous flora and fauna of Sharjah Desert Park. The Park is protected by the Environmental Protected Areas Authority of Sharjah and you can love the way they have handled all the charms of the Park.

Location: Al Batayeh, Al Dhaid road, Sharjah

Cost: Dh15 per person

Timings: Sunday to Thursday 9am to 6pm and 2pm to 6pm on Friday

Contact Info: 06 531 1501

Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk

Dubai has a lightning bridge which has illuminated walkways and bridges over the Dubai canal. If you want a walk of calm and peace, you can go to Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk. There is an amazing mechanical waterfall on this walkways and you it is a perfect sight to enjoy some worthy moments. You will really enjoy it if you visit it especially in the evening because at that time, the day light dims and the bridge and sidewalks are illuminated with lights.

Location: Nearby Business Bay Metro Station

Cost: Free of cost

Timings: The sight stays most amazing from 6pm to 10pm

Masdar City

The Masdar Institute of technology has taken an initiative to make a city based on advance sustainable development criteria. The city is referred as the city of science, technology and future. If you want to taste the future in the present, you must visit Masdar city because it is really inspired with the futuristic concepts and ideas. Your tour in the city is started on a vehicle, PRT. You can enjoy the city of future on this vehicle. The ideas presented in the city are really thoughtful and based on factual approach to the future. You will feel like you are travelling through time and the world around you as changed within seconds.

Location: Nearby Abu Dhabi International Airport

Cost: Free of cost

Timings: Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 11pm and 10am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday

Contact Info: 02 653 3333

Sheikh Zayed Bridge

Like many other buildings and huge architecture attributed with the name of UAE’s forefather, a bridge in Abu Dhabi also stands among such architecture to be bestowed with the name of the majesty. The sight of the bridge gives goose bumps   because the whole architecture is illuminated with colored lights. The night view of the bridge is very attractive and the waves of water reflect the lightning colors which spread an aura of calmness within the domains of the bridge. The sight is very famous in UAE and millions of people view this site every year.

Location: Abu Dhabi

Cost: Free of Cost

Timings: No specific timings


UAE is a marvelous land of huge architectures and skyscrapers. The tourism industry of UAE is uplifted in yesteryears due to vast potential of tourism in the Arabian states. The major goal behind the tourist places of UAE is to foster the tourism industry which is a major contributor of economic gains for the national exchequer. There are many places in UAE where there is very low cost of visit and afore mentioned places almost cover those affordable places. If you want to have an affordable excursion, you must go for these places and enjoy the reasonable rates along with great fun for your family and friends.

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