"Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They DO expect you to fix things when they go wrong". This quote by Donald Porter very well defines the importance of Customer Support team of any organization.

We are proud and privileged to introduce our efficient customer Service team who are always ready to assist our esteemed Customers in choosing the best product, resolve problems if any, Inspire, and bring smile on customers face. We are serious about the business we do and our customer service team stand for the same.

We, Oscar Knight Tours (OKT) believes that customer service team is an integral part of our organization and has got a strong, efficient and dedicated customer service team to assist our esteemed customers round the clock. Our 15 members’ customer service team work under a team lead who believes in communication and team work. This professional and skilled team ensures that our customers’ receive empathetic and timely support whenever it is required. Since they maintain a good rapport and constant communication with every department including sales, operation and land service teams like guides, drivers, quality control etc., they turn to be very capable and competent in providing instant and creative solutions for any critical problems that arise unexpectedly. When our team is not able to solve any unintentional mistake, we don't hesitate in offering compensation too.

Customer service team

We are proud that, our team with their Patience, Attentiveness, Clear Communication Skills, Knowledge of the Product, Time Management Skills, Goal-Orientation and Empathy, focus and thrive to achieve our prime goal, i.e.; "satisfaction of the customers". With prompt response and timely service, our team ensures that they are always.

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