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Aladdin City- magical and yet real

When we were kids the stories from Arabian nights were something that we always looked up to and those stories made our lives a little better after all the tiring home works, right? What if someone told you that you can actually find it somewhere? Well, yes Aladdin city is coming up with three towers that will resemble Aladdin’s magic lamps. That does sound like dream come true, right? Just imagine now you can walk in and around Aladdin’s lamps. The three towers will be connected by bridges and walkways. And the towers will be of 33, 24 and 25 stories height.

What will it consist of? The magical Aladdin towers will consist of offices, hotels and a parking space for about 900 cars. Both public and government offices will be present in the towers. The design of the towers are environmentally sustainable and every little thing has been taken care by concerned department such as the lighting was taken care by lighting specialist and there were different kind of engineers working to build this magical structure and make it come alive. You can pretty imagine it to be a whole new world, right?  And it does keep up with your expectations.

The towers of Aladdin city will be located at Dubai creek and one word that can probably define the whole design and infrastructure is spectacular. The construction of the towers is in a detailed design stage now and very soon it will be open for office occupation and people can avail the walkways and bridges. We are pretty sure that once the whole tower construction and everything is complete nobody can refrain from visiting this place. This place will fill you with awe and make your jaw drop for sure.

Aladdin and Sinbad were our childhood heroes and would we miss a chance to take a look at something that will fill our nostrils with nostalgia? No, the plans and construction of the glimmering towers are ticking pretty amazingly. Meinhardt Group is the consultant for Aladdin city project and they are working tirelessly day and night to get this project done as soon as possible. The towers will be linked by air-conditioned bridges this year and they will rise above the Dubai’s Dhow Wharfage. There will be two underground parking blocks. All the towers of Aladdin city will have public park on its roof.

The biggest tower of Aladdin City is said to be a hotel and the other two towers will be the commercial area. Within 12 months the whole design will be intricately designed and completed. Can you take a guess, how much area this whole construction will cover? 11,000 square meters! Plus what is even more awesome is that the bridges and link ways will be designed like dragons and lizards to enhance the mythological inspiration. The construction of this tower will have a global and historical impact on Dubai city and definitely keeps Dubai at the number one dream destination list. It will also boost the economic condition of Dubai.

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