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CityLand- one stop place

The United Arab Emirates is one such country which has always made sure that people living in this country or immigrating to and from this country shall always have variety of sources of entertainment. This is the absolute reason why you will find no scarcity of shopping malls or amusement parks ever. Recently, there has been the new launch of CityLand mall. This, believe it or not, is going to be one of the best malls in the country very soon. And not just due to one or two reasons but for every little reason it is going to be one of the best.

The mall is going to be accessible from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road as well as the Emirates road. It is located adjacent to the Global Village strategically. What comes in your mind now is why strategically the mall is built in that neighborhood? Well, there are at least a million visitors every year to Global Village. And it will definitely fetch some mall visitors. This mall is built in the perfect destination and is extremely convenient for everyone to visit. It is situated in such a place which is surrounded by constantly growing Arab districts.

The mall is just 20 minutes’ drive from some of the Dubai’s main districts. The whole construction of mall was carried out by keeping in mind that the mall should be extremely user friendly. It is family oriented and definitely allows good entertainment for any family outing. Even at peak traffic hours the mall is easily accessible from several roads. You cannot possibly think of anything that you will not find in this mall. There is every little assistance that you might need. It has ample amount of all the facilities that kids, elderly person or even during emergency one might need.

There is more than 6000 fully operational car parking and there is a bus terminus plus very soon the metro station and planned metro line extension on the mall site will be operational. This mall is made for people and the builders have absolutely ensured that every little thing is looked after. Oh! By the way did you know about the brands available in this mall? Well, embrace yourself to be blown away when you visit this mall or even read about it. CityLand ensures that it teases in the right places and oh the temptation couldn’t ever be more than this in the whole life.

Last but not the least what does the mall consist of? It has a fun filled amusement area for kids. It has a retail shop, home furnishing shops that has Scandinavian inspired home décor products to elegant and royal home décor products stocked up. Plus leading fashion brands all will be at one place. CityLand is going to be the new hangout zone for almost half of Dubai city. There is nothing that the mall has left behind and it can be your one stop place for everything that you might ever need.

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