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Dubai Hyperloop to Improve Commute

Image Credit : whatson

Distance is only a thing of the mind! This has been proven by the most current project in Dubai. After the Dubai government signed a contract with the Los Angeles based Hyperloop one to design and engineer a hyperloop in Dubai. This is one of the biggest projects of the century as the world watches the evolution of transportation.

The contract to design the hyperloop was commissioned in November 2016 and is aimed towards providing a most efficient commute system which links Dubai to Abu Dhabi in the shortest amount of time possible. This project is set to expand in the future to touch on other destinations such as Saudi Arabia and other Emirates states. The change has begun, from the regular transport system to a futuristic level of transport. This system is expected to have a station at the Burj Khalifa, being one of the many wonders of Dubai itself.

The hyperloop system is a means of transport which is largely technology based and is built as pods that can effectively transport anything at break-neck speed, through an extremely long tunnel that links various distant points. In comparison, the hyperloop system is estimated to travel at 1,200KmPh. This is a new record in the efficiency of transportation systems globally as we all know that the speed of Boeing 747 is about 825 KmPh.

Dubai is the world’s center of tourism and a place of magnificence with breathe taking views. Tourists gravitate to this part of the Arab emirates for various reasons ranging from business to pleasure. There are so many hot spots to explore when in Dubai, from luxurious resorts to safari tours and the most exquisite traditional and contemporary cuisines. The culture and lifestyle is what drives the traffic. This new form of transportation would greatly improve tourism in Dubai as people would travel from all parts of the world to take a ride in this futuristic enclave. It would also cut down on the time taken to move from one tour region to another. This is a great way to piece together a full tour package for expatriates who are on a limited amount of time but would like to get a full tour of both Dubai and Abu Dhabi at the same time. There is no doubt that this would greatly boost tourism in the Emirates.

The CEO of Hyperloop one, Rob Lloyd gave further insight on the beauty and complexity of this technology. He appraises this new commute as one of a kind and would be very impactful to the economy. The prototype of the Hyperloop is currently undergoing rigorous design and testing phases in the deserts of Nevada, just a few minutes away from Las Vegas.

There is no set date as to when the hyperloop would be ready for usage, this is due to the immense structural work and safety tests that are required before this technology can be ready for use. A general time expectation is 5 years from now.


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