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The name Guggenheim is a world renowned architectural trademark of cultural museums which is founded in the name of Solomon R. Guggenheim and has established links around the world and most recently in Abu Dhabi. The government of the UAE signed an agreement contract for its construction in Saadiyat Island of Abu Dhabi which is a strategic and most unique location for this 30,000 square meter project. This shows that this Guggenheim museum is set to be crowned the largest of all the Guggenheim museums worldwide.

The Guggenheim museum is known to bring together a collection of cultural and ethnic heritage from contemporary to modern art, with the aim of preserving and providing diverse age old knowledge to the next generation in a timeless environment surrounded in the magnificence of architectural innovation. The structural architecture is like no other in the world, built with the most expensive materials and designed by the best engineers in the world. The world fixates on the completion of this mammoth of a facility.  It would feature desert views, catwalks, galleries, water view, master pieces from old and modern era and the most unimaginable scenery. An adornment of artifacts which have held value in various historical era and regions, this knowledge of course would be transferred by the best curators giving visitors the best experience and an in-depth coverage of facts and myth.

The middle-east is a vast region and has experienced a constellation of events through the ages that has led to the present day dispensation. Its rich culture emphasizes the uniqueness and an inclusive geographical adaptation which has equipped its people with an instinct to create and expand beyond limiting dysfunctions. There are cultural and traditional structures and evidence that must be preserved in order to retain the origin of a most dynamic and persistent race. The emerging region of the Emirates is gearing up to portray a most eccentric barrage of cultural excellence. This is in no way a form of display of cultural superiority rather it’s in a bid to educate the world on its historical significance and to display valuable masterpieces acquired through the ages.

The Guggenheim would provide inspiration through its open exhibitions to tourists, students on excursions, individuals and special interest groups. It would enshrine the most relevant pieces of the 20th century art and further beyond, with an open door to critics, art enthusiasts, and all form of media engagements.

To a large scale, the ambience is unlike the modern day museum spaces not just in the complexity of its architecture and landscape but also in the detailing of its interior layout which separates into creative combinations of dimensions, the ventilation, and the basic elements of nature can all be found in derived states.

The museum is currently under development, positioned at a most strategic location, sided by the Arabian Gulf and also playing a significant environmental role as a manmade breakwater structure designed to shield pristine north beach. There is no set date of completion for this project but we are set to witness a significant addition to the wonders of Abu Dhabi.

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