Image Credit: Instagram/ Meraas Dubai

For all those first timers and picnickers tired of visiting the malls and desert safaris, here is good news: a chic new spot in Dubai has opened its gates for everyone to hangout at.

From the makers of The Beach JBR, La Mer, Last Exit and Boxpark comes this exclusive new lakefront destination in Al Khawaneej, The Yard.

 The development company, Meraas, undertook a 350,000 square foot area in the outskirts of the new budding Al Khawaneej area to construct this unique spot. Giving a rustic farm look coupled with the picturesque lake view, The Yard is a unique leisurely resort for the residents of Dubai. Overseeing an artificial lake, The Yard offers both al fresco and indoor lounging.

To blend in the colors of its adjoining Mushrif Park, the vast area encompassing The Yard has been beautifully landscaped giving off a very green and clean vibe. For leisure activities, it offers a wide range of restaurants and shops which are yet to be fully operational but in the process of completion.

Inspired by the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris, The Yard also boasts Dubai’s first ‘love lock’ bridge or the promise bridge. It is a must visit spot for all those new couples honeymooning in Dubai to pledge and lock their promises to this bridge to signify their love. And that’s not it; there is another pedestrian bridge besides the love lock bridge, too.

The yard also offers its visitors the ambiance of a countryside courtyard as well as a farmer’s market, a bakery, a majestic lake and shaded walking tracks as long as half a kilometer.

The standout feature for The Yard is its surreal portrayal of a hybrid of rural farms and urban features. This vibrant new place also has on display colorful and lively wall art giving a lot of positive energy to the whole environment. The street art murals displayed here are ode to the ones displayed in La Mer across buildings.

The Yard, with all its exuberance and scenic beauty is nothing short of being an Instagrammer’s paradise. To further their cause, The Yard also boasts an 18 meter tall windmill. If that isn’t enough, The Yard also has a wishing well, a watermill, flashy vintage trucks along with its own zoo that holds its own farm animals and bird houses.

With a mix of restaurants and shops to open, and luxurious outdoor and indoor eating facilities already in place, Meraas plans to expand The Yard over a monumental area of 2.8 million square feet.

With everyone in town already talking about the dapper new place in town, here is what the Meraas’ own architect, Nouf AlMheiri, has to say about it: “The Yard reflects Meraas’ strong commitment to creating imaginative and exciting family-friendly destinations. In line with our vision of connecting communities through the many sectors that we operate in, the destination’s offerings seek to enhance people’s happiness and sense of belonging.”

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